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Catalyst Payments Gateway enables any type payment process from in-store to ecommerce, and virtual to mobile. It is an ideal solution to support a mix of payment types with recurring billing and fraud protection on single management console. Connect to a global network that provides secure transaction processing and management.

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International Payments Gateway

The Catalyst SaaS model enables us to develop significant payments & marketing solutions while having an established network of potential resellers, ISOs & ISVs.

Dedicated Terminal Market Shrinking

POS Standalone Terminals are losing market share. The dedicated terminal market is shrinking 13% per year.

Integrated Software Systems are the new terminals

POS, Business Line Systems, eCommerce, & Mobile

ISVs vs. ISOs

ISVs are the new ISOs - They dictate the payment provider.

Challenge for ISVs

The challenges for ISVs are the development cycle to certify each processor, and becoming payments experts.

Other Gateways

Competing gateways only provide basic credit card payment types: sales, return, void, settle, and maybe PIN debit.


Most competing gateways are on substandard hardware platforms.


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