Spindle Inc | Mobile Marketing and Commerce
Spindle offers a best-of-breed suite of mobile technology “building blocks” that allow our clients and partners to create singularly tailored mobile solutions. At the core of our product Offerings is Yowza!! Mobile Marketing Platform. This groundbreaking suite of tools puts unparalleled marketing power in the hands of your merchants, including tightly integrated customer acquisition, loyalty/retention, and mobile commerce and point-of-sale payments capabilities.
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Mobile Marketing & Commerce

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Yowza!! Merchant

Mobile Payment Processing & Marketing

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Yowza!! SaaS POS

Propreitary SaaS Point of Sale Systems

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Spindle PSP

Payment Service Provider, eCommerce Payment Solutions & eCheck Solutions

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Mobile Solutions For a Mobile-Centric World

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Mobile Marketing

Yowza!! is a mobile marketing, mobile communication solution for merchants wanting to add Mobile Marketing in 10 minutes or less to their marketing strategy.  Yowza!! has over 2 million users and growing daily, looking for offers, promotions and announcements.

Mobile Payment Processing

Yowza!!Merchant allows merchants the freedom and flexibility to accept credit cards on the fly via a smart phone or tablet.

SaaS Based POS

Yowza!!POS is a SaaS based point of sale software.

Payment Service Provider

Spindle offer’s it proprietary PSP to ISVs

Brilliantly Simple Mobile Marketing + Commerce

  • Discover

    Discover offers, promotions, events & announcements from merchants and organizations via Yowza!!

  • Transact

    Transact securely with your mobile cell phone or tablet.

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    Mobile loyalty is here.